January 26, 2021
SASB Reporting Practice Hub is now available


We  are constantly improving and adding new features, making our product more useful for our customers, so today we are proud to announce the launch of our new SASB Reporting Practice Hub.

SASB Reporting Practice Hub is a new hub to provide companies with the best cases and examples of SASB disclosures and to prepare stronger, investor - focused ESG report. All disclosures, as always, are conveniently arranged by country and sector. We will be constantly updating them with  new content.

SASB provides a clear set of standards for reporting sustainability information across a wide range of issues, from labor practices to data privacy to business ethics. Recommendations for corporate disclosures centered on materiality of issues & topics were fully developed in November 2018 for 77 industry categories in 11 sectors and are now increasingly being used by public companies and investors as important frameworks for enhanced corporate disclosure related to ESG risks and opportunities.  

There are many global reporting frameworks that help companies measure and report sustainability information to a wide range of stakeholders, from employees, customers and investors to suppliers, regulators and civil society organizations. SASB complements all reporting frameworks, including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Moreover, recently SASB and GRI have taken steps to work together to achieve greater consistency in reporting frameworks.

We hope you will find the new Hub useful; we are working hard to make sure that Report Adviser contains all valuable information to assist you with your reporting needs!

If you have any suggestions on how we can make our tools to serve you even better, please send your feedback to info@reportadviser.com.

Stay tuned and ready for better reporting! 

Report Adviser’s Team