February 8, 2021
Launch of SDG Reporting Practice Hub


We are constantly improving and adding new features, making our product more useful for our customers, so today we are proud to announce the launch of our new SDG Reporting Practice Hub!

The Hub aims to help companies of all sizes to prioritize SDG targets to act and report on progress. It is meant to be used together with our other relevant tools as part of a company’s regular reporting cycle. SDG priorities, commitments and degree of implementation vary from country to country, that’s why we are working to offer insight on country-specific developments and trends. Also, all reporting examples are conveniently arranged by sector.

The SDGs is more important than ever before. The Goals should be at the forefront of thinking as companies plan their long-term response and recovery from COVID-19. With our new Hub, you can discover emerging trends on Sustainable Development Goals reporting and compliance with today's dynamic agenda.

We hope you will find the new Hub useful; we are working hard to make sure that Report Adviser contains all valuable information to assist you with your reporting needs!

If you have any suggestions on how we can make our tools serve you even better, please send your feedback to info@reportadviser.com.

Stay tuned and ready for better reporting! 

Report Adviser’s Team